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Angular Installation

Angular Installation

Angular is a client-side framework. Angular build either javascript or typescript will build to javascript. Angular has an ability to deploy in any platforms like a Web application, mobile application, native application.

How To install the Angular lastest to build a web application
Open a command prompt and run the angular cli command, this will install the angular latest version.

Angular cli

Angular cli is a command line, It will build and deploy as node.js style. This will handle the common module in the project and give the scalable project.

npm install -g @angular/cli @latest

ng new

ng new is a command line to create a new angular application. it will install all common modules, node modules, package.json, angular-cli.json.

ng new demoappname

ng generate

ng generate will automatically generate the services, module, json page and test shell for an angular application.

cd demoappname

ng serve

ng serve is the command line to serve an application for live testing for a developer and also check the console page from inspect element and rectify some errors.

ng serve

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