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Angular 7.0


Angular 7.0


Angular version 7 was released on October 8, 2018. 

It was same like the Angular 2 or above, basically it is based on the typescript framework and open source web development and many improvement when comparing to other version.

In  angular version 7, updated the application performance, angular materials, CDK(component dev kit), virtual scrolling, depending update for typescript and rxjs and node.

Basically focusing on complier, it helps to rewriting our complier for the future use. This makes our project more fast an efficient to use.

Upgrading the angular-cli

This command will used to update the angular-cli to latest version. now the latest version will be 7.0.
ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Features of angular 7

In angular version, many features are updated, lets see one by one.


The Angular Cli have updated as version 7.0.3.  So all angular materials and routing will be comes as inbuilt functions includes routing

Angular materials

In angular7, they introduced lot of improvements in visuals, and dynamic loading, cDk improvement (component dev kit). 
Improving the drag and drop functionally, animation functionality and placeholders

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