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Ionic 3 installation

Ionic Framework

Ionic framework is a hybrid mobile app development with open-Source SDK. Ionic provides a hybrid app using web technologies (Html, Javascript, SCSS). Ionic provides functionality as a native development SDK.

Ionic framework is basically focused on the frontend user experiences. It is also good for UI interaction of an app. This will be easy to learn for new users and also easy to adapt to the new language like angular, etc.

Now the Ionic framework is officially integrated to angular and react for the front end developing work. also can use the HTML, CSS for the UI integration.

The unique experience is the build the ionic framework in cross-platform and deploys in any server so it will be opensource, so free to use for all users.

It is easy to use all user, basically, it has the inbuilt functionality, so just import the functionality in-app and use this in our own usage(camera, notification), etc

Ionic Build

Ionic deploy and build in an android, ios, window app. Ionic can deploy through a Cordova plugin (Cordova platform add <platform name>). Ionic supports an android (android 5.0 and up), Ios(Ios 7 and up) and window platform.

Ionic Installation

    i) Install the Recommended node.js version. (Node is open ecosystem and node is event-driven and         I/o model).
    ii)Open a Command prompt and install the ionic (npm install -g ionic Cordova).
    iii)install the latest Java JDK and add the link in an Environmental variable.
    iv)Add the android SDK, add in an Environmental variable.

Ionic Create

Ionic create through, open command prompt and create an ionic project, open the ionic directory and run the project in the browser (ionic serve)
        ionic create projectname blank

Ionic run

Ionic live to reload on a mobile phone, if there any changes in angular4 and ionic 3, it reloads live on a mobile phone for testing.
        ionic cordova run <platformname> -l

Ionic build

Ionic build and deploy in (android, ios, and window), and user can experience the ionic project on the mobile phone
        ionic cordova build <platformname>

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